The Doctor visit on Friday went well. Deb’s blood pressure is normal or as the doc say, ‘perfect’. We had an ultrasound and measured the little monkey and he’s fine. Size-wise he’s above average for his age, generally 1/2 way between average and 1 standard deviation for most of the measurements, but oddly, right on the 1 std dev line for his femur.. so its long legged Liam for the time being. The wee fella hid his face behind is fist so we couldn’t really make out what he looked like. I think he did it on purpose.

Other than that, the Doc nodded at Deb’s pregnancy symptoms and told Deb to take it easy and rest up (like he was saying yada yada yada in his head). He did suggest a hospital visit to have a look at their operations which we’ll do and we’ve got the contact point for the head nurse at Lenval so we’ll do that in a month or so, perhaps when Deb’s Mum is in town.

It was good to meet the Doc Rebouillat, he’s a surgeon as well as a gynecologist, had an air of easy professionalism and by the way he knew what all the buttons did on the ultrasound machine, we can assume he’s competent, or at least good with buttons. As a bonus he speaks English.