‘The move from the old town went smoothly. We had the assistance of a couple of likely lads, Dave and Adam to help us out. The stairs at the old apartment were a killer and we had some sorting to do, getting unneessary items into our old town Cave, as well as the landlords (lovely Nicole) extra gear also. All done in 7 hours. We have a bunch of great memories from the Vieux Nice apartment to bring with us.

The new apartment is great, flooded with light and the terrace and view out over the rooftops to the sea is excellent.

We made great headway last night putting everything in its place and we’ve got a few wee jobs to do as we sort the place out. Longer term we’ve got a series of jobs to do, painting the 2 bedrooms and bathroom toilet, and doing a lot on the terrace – making outdoor shelving units, putting together a food preparation area, planting herbs, trees and the like but we’re looking forward to it all.

Below are the first pictures of the new apartment – rough n ready!