Friday, 4 December Doctor’s appointment

Liam had another checkup with Doc Rebouillat, and as a bonus Grandma Woolley had just arrived from Canada for a visit and was able to tag along.  The appointment was a treat for her, because she could see ‘lil Liam’s face and body, and hear his heartbeat. The little monster was head-down this time, and Doc had some trouble getting a good view of the diameter of his head, which made Deb pretty uncomfortable for the following 2 days.

Liam is at the upper-most edge of a normal size baby at the moment, which has prompted Doc Rebouillat to send Deb to the lab to be tested for Diabetes. We’re very much hoping that Liam’s large size is a direct reflection of his dad’s size…. and we’re crossing fingers that mum hasn’t developed Gestational Diabetes from the pregnancy, because that could cause a lot of complications over the next couple of months.

Blood work will be done on Tuesday morning, and hopefully results ready by the end of the week. We’ve got a follow up appointment on December 23, so let’s hope it’s good news before the holidays.

But either way, one thing is for certain — Liam is a very big baby!!