We had our final big Ultrasound at 32 weeks, and it seems that all is going perfectly.

Deb had to undergo a 3 hour Glucose Tolerance test this past weekend as her previous results were too high, which was a rather frustrating and boring way to spend a Saturday morning pre-Christmas.  4 blood tests in 3 hours… and she wasn’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything in between.

Doc Rebouillat has confirmed that Deb doesn’t have any sort of Diabetes, which is great news knowing that there’s a box of Turtles and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups under the tree for Christmas day for her, and it would seem that although still on the larger size, Liam is not as enormous as we had feared…  not that you would know that looking at Deb’s belly!  He’s weighing in a 2.155 kg, and the average weight for a baby at 32 weeks is apparently 2 kilos.

The ultrasound showed that Liam was developing normally and healthy on all counts, the 3D images were amazingly good, and we got a fairly good look at his face!  What amazing technology. Can’t wait to see the little monkey in person. It’s looking like he’s got Deb’s nose and a hint of my chin — only time will tell!

We’ll be meeting Doc’s associate in the next two weeks, just in case Doc Rebouillat is out of town when we are ready to deliver so that the other doctor is familiar with us and our preferences, and is on standby just in case.   So far, it’s looking like l’il Liam will be making his appearance early February, if we can get him to stay put for 6 more weeks!   Any guesses on dates?

Deb’s been ordered to rest even more than before, as any physical activity could kick-start the contractions and we’d like to keep our little monkey where he’s safe and sound just a bit longer…..  I’m busy painting Liam’s nursery, and we’re doing all we can to get the new place sorted and ready to welcome him as soon as possible.  Just in case….

So it’s a busy Christmas for us… our last as a couple for quite some time.

Happy holidays!