We met with Dr. Rebouillat’s colleague on Monday evening, just as a way of introduction prior to the big day. The last thing we want is to have a doctor we’ve never even met delivering Liam!

After a frustratingly long wait in the ‘salle d’attente’, we finally got to see Dr. Arfi, who took in the usual details, and checked to see how Liam was faring (still headfirst, but fairly low this time — hopefully a result of our speedwalking to get to the appointment, and not a sign of impending labour!)

Dr. Arfi and Dr. Rebouillat are both surgeons as well as OBGYN’s, and as we have elected to deliver Liam via planned C-Section, they will both be performing the surgery together.  Better safe than sorry, given Liam’s larger size, and Deb’s somewhat smaller size. Doc has set the date…. Feb 12 it is.  Let the panic begin!!  We’re still crossing our fingers that Liam stays put until then, and the delivery can go ahead as scheduled without any drama or labour complications.

Our next step will be to meet with the Anesthesiologist and the Head Nurse at Lenval hospital in Nice, to get the paperwork in order and to schedule Deb’s entrance to the hospital on Feb 11.

This next month is going to fly by…. which isn’t such a bad thing because Deb’s feet are so swollen now she can only wear one pair of shoes, and her snoring keeps me up every night. Ah… the joys of pregnancy.

Stay tuned for next week’s update…. Deb’s Baby Shower.Deb’