Sunday January 17

One of Deb’s closest friends, the lovely Nicole, was down for the weekend from London, so home was much more estrogen-laden than usual, with non-stop talk about handbags, shoes, fashion and babies. So it was no surprise when Adam was politely ejected from the apartment on Sunday afternoon so that all Deb’s closest friends could have the place to themselves for the baby shower. (of course, he wasn’t asked to leave until after he helped blow up balloons and hang the streamers…)

While Adam whiled away the afternoon eating pub food, drinking beer and watching sports on the big screen TV, the ladies were up to some good, clean fun!    While Baby Showers are most definitely not something that happens in France, the francophones amongst the group were happy to give way to a North American tradition — complete with games such as ‘guess how many gummies in the baby bottle’, Baby Word Search… and the least favorite ‘What Flavour is it?’ — a game that required all guests to blind taste test 5 different baby food samples and guess what flavours they were.  Well done to Jinane for guessing the obscure and disgusting ‘artichoke’ flavoured baby food!!

Sarah, the hostess for the afternoon, had arranged a lovely snack table, and her famous punch (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  Kristy made the most amazing toasts — my mouth is still watering at the goats cheese and fig confiture toast.  So good. And Rosa, the expert baker, brought carrot cake and banana bread that no one could get enough of.

Special thanks to all the girls for their lovely gifts, all of which will get Liam started off well!!  Lesley and Jinane brought a gift basket full of most of the toiletry products that Liam will need in his first few months.  Rosa has gifted us with a portable bathtub, a  set of colourful pyjamas, and hand-me-down books and CDs from her son Sam (so we can get started on learning on the nursery rhymes… english only!!)  Kristy gave us a beautiful matching blue set of Petit Bateau baby goodies… consisting of pyjamas, a hat, a bib and a beautifully soft sleep sac, and some more toiletry products. Nicole gave us a ‘London’ worthy, very fashionable diaper bag, which could easily double as a trendy handbag (she knows Deb so well!!), and Sarah, who organized the whole afternoon, gifted us with more pyjamas, a bib, and a ‘Bebe a Bord’ car sign.

The afternoon was fantastic, and as always, we’re grateful for the wonderful friends we have in France, when we are so far from our families.