Week of January 18.

It’s all happening.

On Monday evening we went to Lenval Hospital, on the seafront in Nice, where Liam will be born on Feb 12. We had an appointment to meet with the anesthesiologist who will be administering the epidural, and it gave us an opportunity to try out different routes of getting to and from the hospital, as Liam will be born during one of the most complicated traffic seasons in Nice — Carnival!!  In fact, if all goes according to plan, Liam will arrive on the same day as the ‘King of the Carnival’ 2010, and the kick-off of the 2010 Winter Olympics hosted in Canada. Deb’s pretty pleased about the date, all in all, if only he stays put until then!!

Such a pity the Carnival parade route doesn’t pass in front of the hospital!

Thursday January 21 was another routine Doctor’s appointment with Doc Rebouillat.  So far all is still amazingly good. Liam is already up to 3kg (6.6 lbs) despite being only 36 weeks. He’s still on track to be a BIG baby, and he could be anywhere upwards of 3.6 kg by the time he’s born. That’s really putting Deb’s mind at ease about electing to have a Cesarean. Liam’s heartbeat is still good, and he’s apparently moving ‘into position’ for birth, still head down, although doc doesn’t see any indication that we need to worry about him arriving before his scheduled date.

Deb’s starting to really struggle with getting around, and has really started to rethink the whole ‘get a lot of rest’ order from her doctor, and is starting to take it a bit more seriously.  Her feet are swollen up quite a lot, and she can only wear one pair of shoes (that are almost 2 sizes larger than she normally takes), and during this past week she’s developed carpal tunnel syndrome and frequently loses sensation in her fingertips. Rather frustrating when she needs to send an email!!

But we’re all in good spirits, and ready to welcome little Liam into our lives (and yours!)

One more trip to the hospital to take care of admission formalities, one more lab visit, and one more appointment with Doc Rebouillat in the coming 2 weeks… and then our own little ‘King of the Carnival’ arrives shortly thereafter. And then the next adventure begins….