We started renovating the boy’s room over the Christmas holidays, changing the bright, sunny yellow room for a calmer, neutral oasis that will see Liam through his early years. Using shades of taupe, cream, and chocolate brown, accentuated with blues and greens… the room looks great, without being overpoweringly ‘babyish’. All that’s been missing over the last few weeks has been his bed.

After 3 months of waiting, we finally took delivery of the Miyo Baby Hammock we’d been coveting last week. A more natural option for the first 6-9 months of Liam’s life, we’re hoping this hammock will live up to it’s reputation of helping our baby sleep longer, faster, and reduce colic.  We’ll let you know how it goes…. !!  If nothing else, it looks fantastic in his room, and allows us to keep his cot in storage for another few months.  More info can be found on http://miyobaby.com/

Adam has worked incredibly hard to get the nursery done in such a short period of time, and of course Deb wasn’t much help as doc’s ordered her to take it easy during the last trimester.

It took three coats of paint to change the room, plus Adam got to stretch his ‘handyman’ legs by building specially cut shelves to fit in the irregularly shaped wall, and he built the change table from scratch. Liam’s lucky to have such a handy-daddy! And we’ve hung two of Deb’s custom photographs of italian fishing boats, taken in Cinque Terre, Italy, on Liam’s wall. And she’s got plenty more creative ideas in mind, if she ever gets her energy back!