Liam Edward Ferguson was born today. 2.55pm local time.

Deb water broke this morning, 5 days earlier than planned. We were mostly set up for it, with bags already packed alhough we had just laundered a lot of his clothes an hour earlier so some things like his cross-over undershirts were wet. We called our doc and made our way to the hospital (its a beautiful spring-like day) and checked in.
It was quiet day in the maternity ward and we were well taken care of by all the staff, and the head nurse who speak fluent English as do all the Docs.
With the contractions coming on it was decided that it would make the most sense to delivery sooner rather than later. I said Bye to Deb and they wheeled her off to surgery at 2.30pm and I lurked around the waiting room like it was the 1950s TV show ‘cept without the cigarette smokes and the witty banter.

I was introduced to the wee one almost immediately after he was delivered and was brought in to watch the nurses clean, measure and prep the wee one and watched them cut the umbilical to something shorter. 3.280Kg and 50cm long so he was a little smaller than we expected. They placed him in an incubator for 1/2 an hour or so before Deb was wheeled in to say Hi. Eventually we were left alone all together in the recovery room. The wee fella got out of the incubator after an hour or so and onto Mum and latched straight onto the nipple like a champ.

We went up to the ward around 6pm and I was able to stay late. He’s been sleeping off and on, often on Mum, sometimes in his bed. Deb is exhausted but well. With the epidural she was surprised when they said the wee one would be coming in a sec or two, and again when she heard him squawk. When I left her she wasn’t having much discomfort from the Caesarian as yet but the nurses had put a little something-something in her IV.

I’ve attached a few pics but keep an eye on the website for more. I’ll be posting the ones we’ve taken soon (I hope) and then more over the coming days and weeks.