We just brought Liam home and are settling in. Its a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky though we had a full day of snow yesterday, 10cm in some places. Its the second snow-day this year.

Deb had a roommate for the last day and a half (there weren’t any private rooms available) but the stay at the hospital was fine for the most part (excepting the food) and the standard of care was very high, though we did make saints and villians out of individual nurses.  Deb was going stir-crazy for the past few days and is very happy to be home.

Our Doctor removed Deb’s staples today with only a little pain and the pediatrician took a final look at Liam before allowing us to leave, and pronounced him a very healthy boy. The weight he’s been putting on has been excellent, especially considering that he’s been exclusively breastfed, and his reflexes and reactions are perfect. He’s recommended taking Liam for an ultrasound in a month to take a look at a little ‘click’ in his hip, but says that we’ve nothing to worry about.

Liam took his first car ride like a champ. Slept through the whole thing, though Deb was ever-ready with a pacifier just in case he should start to fuss mid-trip.  We’ve got him settling into his Hammock and Deb is loving the breast-feeding pillow, though with a lot more activity she’s a little sorer than normal.