Its been a series of firsts for wee Liam. Liam hosted Rosa, Sam, Kristy and Sarah for an afternoon tea and Sam got to hold him. Other firsts include trips to the doctor, basinette trips to the Vieux Nice market, and first social trips out to see friends for dinner and first time being breast-fed in the supermarket. He’s handled it all like a champ.

Deborah’s own Doctors visit went well and she’s healing well. The doctor is saying that Franken-wife (Deb’s term, not mine 😉 ) can even start running again in a month which Deb is quite excited about.

Liam had a visit with his Pediatrician, Dr Khaida (a hirsute roly poly man a la Dom DeLuise or Michael Moore). We were told Dr Khaida spoke fluent English which is a gross exaggeration as he stubbornly stuck to 100% French, nevertheless he gave Liam a full check up and isn’t too worried about the slight click in his hip or that his right testicle that hasn’t fallen but we’ve got an ultrasound scheduled for the next few weeks anyway. Everything else is A.OK.

Liam took a trip to meet Simon, Deb’s boss in Monaco during the week and was also doted on by Rosanna. On Sunday Liam had a big day out in Monaco, firstly meeting Kristina (Deb’s other boss) and the wonderful almost 2 yr old Natalia, and later had dinner with Sharon who made an awesome lamb roast and two of her kids James and Catherine. James (5) and I solved video game puzzles together which was great fun. Later on we watched and enjoyed the Carnival fireworks from our terrace which was a lot more impressive than I thought they would be and we followed up those fireworks with some more… this time on ICE! Canada beating the US for Olympic Hockey Gold.

I’ve half-convinced myself that the wee fella is starting to smile.