We got out and about a little today, with Liam having a couple of firsts – first time to the beach and first time to the bar!

We had a trip to do to Cannes in the morning and ended up having a coffee at the beach, Liam’s first beach visit and on a perfect spring day. The weather finally seems to have turned.

Later in the evening we went out to the Pub for Liam’s first St. Patrick’s Day. We wanted to meet up with our friend Bridget who’s just arrived back in Nice after some months away and this was a perfect excuse, so we went for a drink at Ma Nolans’ Irish Pub. Whilst we were there we also met up with Val, Lea and ran into Richard and his girlfriend who were also out about town. We had a nice time though for the pub was a bit of a let down for Liam, he slept the entire night.