A bit of bad news for this Ferguson household this weekend. We’d been eagerly awaiting a visit from Adam’s brother Daniel, and his family, who were to be traveling down from the UK this weekend to meet our little Liam. Apparently their 2 year old Scarlett was as eager as we were, but disappointingly, plans were cancelled due to the continent-wide cancellation of flights due to the ash in the atmosphere from a volcano erupting in Iceland. All we can do now is watch the news, and hope that the airspace in Europe re-opens soon, so Liam can finally meet his Uncle Daniel, Aunt Elaine, and his cousins Scarlett and Isobel.

Since our weekend plans opened up completely, and since our good friends Kristy and Alessandro were also impacted by the flight cancellations (their trip to Canada is also postponed until airspace is reopened), we all decided to meet up at the park on the Chateau (overlooking old Nice, our old stomping ground) and have a lovely Sunday Picnic. Nom Nom Nomming on Roasted Chicken & gravy, fresh baguette, and olives bought from the market that morning, it was lovely, and fairly crowded for so early in the season. Liam’s first picnic was yet another milestone, although we can’t really say he was his usual charming self — fussing as he was, and unwilling to settle down and enjoy the company. Still… we got some smiles from him, some fresh air, and a bit of exercise for us. A great day that we hope to repeat when Daniel and his family do make it to Nice.

And the weekend wouldn’t be complete without Liam’s regular Skype calls with Grandma and Grandpa Woolley in Canada. He just loves hearing how adorable he is….