Poor little monkey has come down with his first cold, which has resulted in 2 sleepless nights, and a whole lot of frustration at not being able to breathe properly (and frustration with mum constantly cleaning his little nose). Fortunately we already had a doctors appointment booked for yesterday morning for his 3 month vaccination (yikes… another jab!), and our NEW pediatrician gave him the once-over and told us that he has a bronchial infection. Nothing much we can do about it other than continue cleaning his nose, and hope that Mum gets the same infection so she can produce antibodies and pass them along to wee Liam. As we write this, he’s snuffling away in his little vibrating chair, catching up on some sorely needed zzzz’s. And we’ve been instructed to keep him away from other children until he’s better, as he’s still so vulnerable to their germs and viruses, and to keep him out of the sun.

We’re liking the new doctor, Doctor Linderoth… he’s Swedish, closer to our home, and less expensive than the French doctor. AND (most importantly) he speaks excellent English, having studied in Boston. That was good enough for us, but we also found that he was very keen to keep Liam as comfortable and happy as possible through the examination and injection, whereas the french doctor was more ‘old school’ about it, and less concerned about the crying. In fact, he’s prescribed a special patch for Liam’s next vaccines (next month) that we are supposed to apply 2 hours before the appointment, so that he won’t feel the injection and won’t cry at all. AWESOME!!! And in the meantime we’ve also been instructed to take the wee man for hip x-rays, just to make sure that his hips are developing properly. No need for concern.

We’re having a fairly laid-back weekend. No trips out for Liam, although we are hosting a birthday barbecue for ‘The Nicole’, who is visiting Nice for the weekend with her new fella, Nick. It was the first time she’d met our little monkey, and a couple of friends who will be coming to our bbq tonight have not yet met him either! Not to worry… we’ll make sure everyone washes their hands and uses the antibiotic hand gel before hugging little Liam!

Happy Weekend!