Actually, the headline should read that Mum is missing Liam.  It’s been a busy week for Deb leading up to the Monaco Grand Prix, and just like every year, she’s working a lot more than usual managing her client’s race day festivities.  She’s home every evening just in time for his bath and to send him off to sleepy-land, but missing out on the smiles & cuddles.  And while his mum may be missing him big time while she’s working during the race, she’ll be thinking of him every minute (and has already bought him his first little Grand Prix t-shirt).

BUT, she was in home just in time on Friday to catch Liam’s first real laugh!  What an amazing sound, and we’ve been overly-animated since then to try to get him to do it again. He’s really the most awesome baby.

Liam’s been a champ today, and helped us to run some errands, going to the garden shop and the hardware store, and had his first little taste of chocolate gelato when we took him for a little promenade by the sea.  He didn’t hate it, but he certainly didn’t react with the excitement that we expected! But there was most definitely some lick-smacking going on!

Can’t wait for Grand Prix to be over this weekend, so our little family can get back to normal.