Not only mum’s birthday, but also the first anniversary of the day our ‘lil Liam was conceived! A birthday baby.

We had a lovely day on Sunday, Deb’s birthday and all. Brunch of Rosti, Smoked Salmon & Eggs to start the day and a lovely picnic in Cimiez Park by the Matisse Museum. ┬áIt was Fete du Mai too, a traditional Nicoise Fete running all month, which meant the park was full of families, roving bands of musicians as well as stages, a dancefloor full of people dancing Waltzes and Polkas along to the band, and a lot of children’s entertainment including Punch n Judy puppet stage which had the little ones enraptured. We joined our friends Lesley and Remy with their families under an old Olive tree and enjoyed the day. Dinner was Deb’s childhood birthday favorite… an enormous BBQ steak, with sauteed mushrooms and roasted smashed potatoes with herbs. I made an Argentinian Chimichurri sauce for the steak with herbs from the garden also – so good.

The boy is coming along great. Each day he smiles more, vocalizes more and getting a sense of his hands and feet. I really want to get a good video of the wee fella laughing – its the best thing in the world. He’s been shoving his whole fist into his mouth lately and drooling up a storm, which makes Deb happy cuz she gets to change his outfits more often (although we have started to put bibs on him all the time). And he’s growing so fast he’s already outgrown many of his 6 month outfits (the french ones).

I’ve attached a few pics of the Boy from Mum’s birthday.