Happy Mother’s Day in France!  What a lovely morning… although Liam was wide awake and playful at 4 in the morning, and mum rose to the occasion and got up and played with him for an hour and a half, it was well worth it, because when Mr. I-don’t-feel-like-sleeping-at-night woke up again at 7 am, it was dad’s turn to have early morning funsies so mum could try to sleep a bit later. And once both Liam and mum finished napping late in the morning, dad surprised mum in with a decadent ‘bacon and egg’s breakfast in bed with a cafe latte. Mmmmmmmmmm.

We took a nice walk down through the old town and along the sea again today, and Liam had his second taste of gelato. This time he tried Straweberry, Baccio and Vanilla. And this time he seemed to like it, smiling excitedly after he tried the vanilla, and opening his mouth for more when he saw us eating more! Not to worry, he only had wee tastes. We don’t want our lad getting any bigger than he’s already getting!

Father’s day in June!!