Not much new to tell. The weather has been great for the most part. Not as hot as June typically is, but still more than warm enough. Liam spends a bit of his day playing on his playmat under his sun-tent on the terrace while Adam tends to his garden. We’ve been eating the lettuces in salads for the past week, and the tomatoes are starting to grow.  The cucumbers vines are climbing the walls, and it’s just amazing how the garden is flourishing.

We’ve been doing tons of BBQing. It really was one of the best gifts EVER.  Not only do we bbq for ourselves, but we often have friends over on the weekends for a BYO-BBQ evening.  Last time we dressed Liam in his Sunday best tux and he was in great spirits when our friends arrived, and fell asleep on cue for mum to relax with a glass (or two) of wine.

Liam had his latest vaccines last week, and as our pediatrician was on holidays we had to see the replacement doctor. After a sweltering one hour plus wait in the waiting room Adam had to leave for a work appointment, and poor mum had to handle the jabs on her own. But then Adam was stuck in the elevator at our apartment, so it all balances 😉

Despite the doctor saying that the patches would numb Liam’s thighs, they most definitely didn’t. The poor monkey screamed as loud as his wee lungs could, and was really hard to pacify him afterwards. This doctor was most definitely not a pediatrician, and although he was kindly, he did just didn’t have a natural way around a baby. Our doc was much more gentle… can’t wait until he’s back. And I asked if we could weigh Liam, since he’s such a monster size fella, and the doc had a lot of difficulty figuring out how to use the scale (!!!).  So our ‘guestimate’ is that Liam is weighing in at 8 kg.  Which is about the average size of a 9 month baby.  Big boy for 4 months!!!

Next morning Liam woke up with a 38.3 fever, so Mum took the day off work to take care of him. We got the fever under control and gave the poor little monkey as much cuddles as he could handle, and it was a looooong day. But 24 hours later he was fine.  Thankfully I don’t think that he’s due for any more shots until his 9 month check-up.

We’ve started to expose the lucky little man to new tastes. A bit of diluted juice in a bottle. More gelato:  dark chocolate, coconut and peach!!  Can’t wait to start him on some solids! He’s starting to take a bit of an interest in what we are eating.

Anyhow. Nothing much else to tell. The pics say it all:  He’s happy, healthy… and heavy! And we love him loads.