Happy Father’s Day to Adam.

Who knew a year ago that this day would be so meaningful???  I think it was literally 2 days after Father’s Day last year that we found out we were expecting.

Adam had a wonderful day. Scrambled eggs with spring onions and feta cheese (his new favorite, thanks to Deb), with a side of crunchy pancetta for breakfast. Lots of playtime with his beautiful son. Leftover BBQ food for lunch, and pizza takeaway for dinner. New Zealand tied Italy in a World Cup game (shocker!!!!), and he’s been able to relax and play video games all afternoon. And there are leftover beers in the fridge, and ice cream in the freezer.

Even Liam has been getting into the ‘Ferguson Feasting’… we’ve started him on solids this weekend. Just a few spoons of some cereal mixed with mothers’ milk… but he’s taken to it immediately. This boy doesn’t seem to need to be taught to eat!! It must be in his genes 😉  Another 4-6 weeks and we should be able to start introducing some pureed vegetables and fruits. How exciting!!!

Anyway, it was a perfect father’s day.

We love you loads.

x deb & liam.