Happy Canada Day!

Earlier in the week Deb picked up a cheap-o blow up pool for a bit of fun for the boy. Its such nice weather and getting quite hot on the terrace and we tried it out today with the wee fella!

Monkey-face took the dip  all in his stride  and turned a wee experiment into a pool party with his bathtoys and Mum and Dad until his fingers started to prune. Sitting up is still a challenge for him be he doesn’t seem too far off it – just a little bit more strength and balance needed. Afterwards Liam retired to the living room for  a bowl of weak cereal/milk combo  followed by a well deserved nap.

We used his stroller umbrella for sun protection and will be picking up a larger one for the corner seating on the terrace shortly – its looking like its going to be a long hot (and fun) summer.