We’ve been quite busy all of July and postings to the website have taken a backseat to enjoying the summer heat and relaxing in our free time. But, after being gently chastized by my Mum here is the latest and greatest from Liam-world.

Its been a few weeks of firsts, falling asleep on his stomach is new – doing it during a rigorous play session on his playmat is newer. I looked over and found him asleep with his catepillar toy as his pillow.

Liam has started on solid food – steamed carrots and now steamed sweet potato made with the Baby cook, he’s also rolling everyday (back to front with an occassional front to back) so we’ve bought him a new large sponge playmat to go to town on, and he should start to crawl soon though right now he looks like a wriggling walking catfish in a nature documentary – all thrashing on his belly and not getting very far. All the exercise means he’s slept through the night a couple of times which is double-super-good!

The monkey has also upgraded his accoutrements – a bathseat for the bathtub and a highchair for eating, both of which he’s taken to with gusto, as well as a new set of books to augment his library. Not to worry Grandma and Grandpa Woolley… he still really wants the Stokke high chair so he can eat at the table with mummy and daddy… but it will be a few more months until he’s big and strong enough to sit in one without flopping about.

Liam’s also been the man about town this month, we had a Canada Day Beach Picnic with a huge gathering this year and a Bastille Day BBQ with Sarah and Jean Luc. He endured a fairly hot drive out to the countryside for a lovely garden barbeque at a beautifully renovated villa owned by Deb’s friend Noelle and her husband, where he met the adorable Tess, a 1 month old baby girl of Noelle’s neighbor Susan… a fellow Canadian and new friend! ┬áHe’s enjoyed a garden party with Maggie, Gilles and Friends at Gilles’ Villa near Antibes where he was spectaularly well behaved amongst the trees lit by fairy lights, and last night he enjoyed live music and a DJ at Tony Hall’s villa near Eze Village at moonlit poolside party to celebrate Tony’s 65th year.

Liam had the pleasure of the company of Sarah and Kristy this past Friday night – his first time with babysitters, while mum and dad slunk off into the night to enjoy dad’s birthday dinner. We hear he was mostly well behaved. Big thanks to Sarah and Kristy for that one!

He’s a cheerful and chatty chap for the most part, though quiets down round other people which makes him very manageable at social events. He also has no problem sleeping in noisy environments which is great. Below is a selection of pics from this month by Deb.