Liam has not been sleeping so well the past week, and the other morning was very restless and out of sorts until Mum scooped him up and cuddled him on her chest in the big bed. He fell deeply asleep within 2 minutes.  He needed a cuddle, because the poor little monkey has had not just one…. but TWO teeth pushing through this week. That’s a big milestone… and just days shy of his 6 month ‘birthday’.

So the cuddle was good for Liam… and Mum loved it too 😉

Liam was 6 months old yesterday, and coincidentally graduated to wearing size 12 month pyjamas. We’re looking forward to his doc coming back from holiday this month, so he can get another full physical. Can’t wait to find out his weight and length now!  I think doc’s in for a surprise!!!

We took Liam out to our good friend Lesley-Ann’s birthday celebration in Vieux Nice this evening… unfortunately Liam was just not up to it. He didn’t settle down for an afternoon nap today, so his being overtired, combined with teething pain made for a very, very unhappy baby. We barely made it through a drink and a round of hello’s to everyone, before high-tailing it for home.

We look forward to him getting back to his happy, smiling, charming self. And we look forward to his new pearly whites!