Liam has been on good form, even with his front bottom two teeth coming through and giving him some discomfort. He has a dish of solids every day; so far carrot (a favorite), sweet potato, apple and pear (he’s not so appreciative of more strongly flavored fruits) and spinach Gerber. We make them ourselves in the baby cook with the exception of the spinach which is one of 6 or so from Deb’s baby shower.

He’s standing, sometimes for a minute or two with only minimal assistance with his balance, is making steps to move around on his tum (admittedly pretty accidentally) and vocalizing like a howler monkey. ┬áHe loves to grab Mum’s hair and face and stick her nose in his mouth. He also fond of ‘speaking’ with Mum and Dad when he’s got a mind to.

Below is some recent pictures.