Doc Linderoth is finally back from his three-month long holiday, so we had an appointment first thing this morning for Liam’s overdue check up and his 6 month vaccination.

He was a trooper…. he’s weighing in at a hefty 9.55 kg, but the doctor took a look at his tracked growth patterns and he’s continued along the same second standard deviation path so nothing to be worried about.  And the injection went pretty well, with just a bit of a whinge and he was over it pretty quick. Gotta say, when those EMLA patches are applied well, they really seem to do the trick to numbing the jab site.

He’s got to go back on Sept 7 for his Hepatitis B shot.

We’ve also decided that it’s time for Liam to incorporate baby formula into his diet, since Mum has been working such long and hard hours of late. Pumping a decent supply for Liam’s little stockpile has become almost impossible (and increasingly painful) over the last few weeks. So Doc has recommended a formula, and we’ll get him started on it later this evening.

Solids have been going extremely well, and Liam’s been enjoying pureed green beans earlier this week, and has now moved onto squash. We’ll give him a try back on fruits again soon, and maybe another veg or two, and then start to combine ingredients and add meats and fish.  He’s well on his way to a ‘three course’ meal!!

He seems to be teething again, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see another tooth or two start to poke through in the next couple of weeks. More on that as it happens!!

And the big news of the week is that we’re interviewing for babysitters. Deb has to go up to London for work for 2 days next week, and our schedules are getting increasingly busy and we’re encountering more and more schedule  conflicts, so we’re really starting to feel the need to have a backup helper for when we need it. Today a lovely, grandmotherly woman named Carol, who is Australian, but perfectly bilingual, came for a 2 hour trial. Liam put her through the paces by crying constantly for the first half hour, but warmed up to her quickly after being offered a bottle of nummy-mummy milk. We’ve a few more to meet… but at least it’s a good start.