Three guesses as to what’s new this week with Liam!!  The little monkey has finally learned to sit independently, and I don’t think he could be any happier!! He was really hating laying on his back to play, and now that he can sit up, surrounded by his toys, he’s content to play for hours!!  Of course he’s still a wobbly little thing…

Of course we’ve been as snap-happy as ever, trying to capture every little expression that he has (impossible!!)

In other news… he’s had his 6 month vaccine just this past week, and it was a painless event. We just love those EMLA patches. They really do work.  Doc Linderoth has set us up with an appointment to see a pediatric urologist at Lenval Hospital (where Liam was born) to check out his still undescended testicle… we’re crossing fingers and toes that he won’t require surgery (but if he does it will be a very minor one).  The appointment is October 19, so we’ve still got a while to wait.

Mum’s 2 day jaunt to London went fairly well, with a babysitter coming in to give Dad a chance to dash off to some meetings. I think that Mum suffered much more than Liam did.

And then this past Saturday night Mum & Dad had to be gone all afternoon and evening for a wedding in Monte Carlo, and Liam was left in the very capable hands of Sarah and Lina (and their respective fellows, Jean Luc & Federico). Yup.  How many adults does it take to babysit one little monkey?? Apparently 4.  LOL!!  But mum was super excited to get dressed up all pretty and go out for the evening, and see her boss Simon get married for the third (and hopefully final) time.  Liam had a great time, but needless to say there was a whole lot of mummy-baby quality time on the Sunday!!