Mum had to pop over to Marseille (about 2.5 hours from Nice) to arrange for a Russian Visa for her boss… and since she had a whole lotta waiting to do while she was there, she brought the boy.

He was awesome on the train ride out on Sunday evening, charming all of the other passengers around him with his giggles and squeals of laughter. He was happy to sleep in the big hotel bed with mummy all night long. He was happy to eat a french fries, some croissant, soft boiled egg…. and of course ice cream. (you should see his face light up when he’s offered ice cream!)

He saw freshly caught fish still flipping about in their market trays as the locals chose which ones they wanted to buy, straight off the fishing boat. He ate croissant at the old port overlooking all the boats. And he spent all day with his mummy… which he loves.

It was a good day. But we’re both glad to be home with daddy again. We missed you!! Mwah!!!!