Not too much new with sir Liam at the moment… we’ve had a bit of a tough week with him as he cut his third tooth, and we hope that number four is just around the corner so he can get the discomfort out of the way. He’s back to his normal, happy, chatty self now anyway.

In fact, he seems to really enjoy the sound of his own voice screeching a top note to anyone who will listen (including all of the people on the sidewalk when we take him out for a walk). We just pretend he’s a tiger. 🙂

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary earlier this week, and Sarah and Jean Luc kindly offered to babysit for the evening so we could enjoy a night out, just the two of us. We had wanted to go back to Beau Rivage where we had our reception, but it’s so late in the season that it’s closed for dinners, and the weather was far too rainy and blustery for us to take Liam with us for an early evening apero. Oh well…. next year. Instead we had a wonderful dinner at La Cambuse in the old town, and dined like kings!  Thanks Sarah and Jean Luc… same time next year?  😉

Bridget joined us for dinner last night, and Adam whipped up another enormous leg of lamb on the BBQ, with smashed roasted potatoes and asparagus. Man…. we eat good. It’s almost midnight now, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve polished off the leftovers! (which is probably why I’m not fitting into my old jeans quite yet….)

Now we’re counting down the days until Grandma and Grandpa Woolley visit from Canada!!!