We spent three nights in Barcelona… sharing a small 2 bedroom apartment not too terribly far from the city centre. Barcelona was HUGE!! So much to see, so we took a double decker tourist bus the first day to make sure we could see all the landmarks before moving on, and then spent the rest of the time having a bit of a wander and catering to the baby.

The food was fantastic, and Adam and Deb went Tapas crazy and tried pretty much all of the local specialities — the iberian ham and the deep fried tiny octopus were a couple of favourites! Grandma and Grandpa Woolley had a bit less of an adventurous palate, but were game to try a few new things, and had a spectacular Paella!!

I think Liam particularly enjoyed the bus ride. And the biscuits that Grandma brought from Canada…. He was a superstar for the 8 hour car ride to Spain, however, the drive from Barcelona to the village we stayed down the coast, and the drive home were a different matter, and a lot of screaming and tears were involved. I think we’ll avoid the car for a while….