I can’t believe how fast sir Liam is growing…. fully wearing 18 month sizes, yet not even 10 months old. His stroller is still broken, so we’ve bought him a flashy new one — folds up to an incredibly small size, perfect for travel!!  We’re still going to repair the old one so we have a good backup.

The last week or so was fairly uneventful… The weather has been very wet and cold (by south of France standards), so we’ve not ventured far from our cozy home.

Firstly, congratulations to Kristy and Alessandro on their new apartment, and thank you for having us all (including Liam) over to your housewarming.  Looking forward to many more evenings chez vous!

Liam’s surgery was planned for 1 December, but things are so overwhelmingly hectic for both mum and dad with work, that it’s being postponed…. new date not yet decided.

Liam also has a new babysitter. Her name is Laura (as was his last babysitter… we have good luck with ‘Laura’s’!!). She’s a young but responsible Child Psychology student, and her study schedule works quite well with our occasional babysitting needs. Plus, her french is perfect which could be really great to prepare Liam for french school!  Laura and Liam spent the day together today while Mum and Dad were both at work, and it went really well. *whew*

And finally, yesterday was another rainy Sunday (we’ve had so many this year!), so we took Liam into Monaco and spent the afternoon visiting our good friend Raffaella, and her two charming daughters, Laura and Giulia. Liam charmed them all, and was especially taken with Diego… an energetic little chihuahua!

We’d like to say a special hi to Liam’s great Aunt Sharon, in Canada…. who he hasn’t met yet, but who reads these posts anyway. We love you Aunt Sharon!  Lots of love to you and the whole family!!!!