It’s been a pretty eventful weekend for our Liam!

He’s had a couple of firsts!  He’s been learning to wave, and just yesterday he figured out how to clap (now he thinks he’s the funniest thing on the planet). And just an hour ago he finally figured out how to crawl, and he covered the distance between him and his favorite block in just a couple of seconds. Good thing we’ve been babyproofing lately, and Adam has just hung shelves so all of our irreplaceable breakables are out of little hands reach.

Deb’s good friend Nicole decided to come for a last-minute weekend from London, and stayed on the pull-out sofa. It was a really wonderful, albeit rainy weekend, and Liam took to auntie Nicole right away and was all belly laughs and giggles!  She seemed pretty charmed by him too! The girls took Liam into the old town for a drizzly Sunday morning breakfast, then chilled out with chick flicks in the afternoon. We hope to see Nicole again sooner rather than later. And we hope the weather is better 😉

Canadian Auntie Sarah popped by before the gals headed out for dinner and had a quick cuddle with Liam too!

The weekend was so busy that we couldn’t Skype Video chat with Grandma and Grandpa Woolley, however, we did get a Monday afternoon chat with them to wish Grandpa Woolley a very happy birthday.

It looks like Liam is starting to cut another tooth. He’s drooling all over again. He’ll have another vaccination with Dr Linderoth next week, and his surgery has been rescheduled for December 20.

We’ll be picking up our Christmas tree this week. Now that Liam has learned to crawl, we’ll have to see what trouble he gets into!  We’ll have to hang the fragile ornaments up high! Granny Simmons has made us stockings and a tree skirt, which are en route from New Zealand and we’re really looking forward to our first ‘Ferguson Family Christmas’.