It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas (and not just because Mum is playing Christmas music NON STOP).

Last weekend Liam met Santa Claus… he was reserved but a bit curious about the beard, but them promptly burst into tears so we’ll just have to put off the ‘Santa photo’ until next year.

This past Saturday was also the fourth annual CCC (Cool Canadian Chick’s) Christmas Caper Dinner. Hosted by Rosa and her son Sam, the Canadian ladies and their multi-national husbands all gather for a traditional Christmas dinner…. mulled wine, turkey, stuffing, mashed pototoes, candied yams… and apple pie and sweet potato pie for dessert. Finished off by a Turtles chocolate, a Canadian confectionary tradition — chocolate-covered caramel and pecans. The girls go crazy for them!! ┬áNext year Liam can have one too!

Liam ate some stuffing, mashed potato and candied yam for his first Christmas dinner, before he went off to sleep in Sam’s room (Sam went to bed in his mum’s bedroom because he thinks babies smell!)

And yesterday, after Liam’s doctors appointment (yet another vaccine), we brought home our Christmas tree. As luck would have it, the tree skirt and christmas stockings that Granny Simmons made for us arrived in today’s post, so it’s really starting to look like Christmas in here. And it smells like pine!

I imagine we’ll have our hands full trying to keep Liam out from under the tree for the next 2 weeks.

Thanks Sue and Dick for the beautiful Christmas Trimmings. What a lovely way to start traditions as a new family.