We’ve had an absolutely lovely Christmas with our little Liam.

All decked out in his Christmas outfit (a gift from Auntie Aline and the girls last year), we encouraged Liam to unwrap his presents. He didn’t quite get it, but he was easily entertained by the ripping of paper (followed by the attempt at eating the paper). And as the day progressed he happily made his way through playing with all of his new toys.

Thank you to Granny Simmons and Dick for the handmade tree skirt and stockings. They were well used, and will be family heirlooms. Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Woolley for the book, jacket, toys and especially for Liam’s first little wooden Harley Davidson chopper. He loves it. He makes ‘vroom vroom’ noises when sitting on it, and will not doubt learn to push it along on his own very, very soon. Thank you to Aline and the girls for the lovely ‘Family Ferguson’ Christmas door plaque, which proudly hangs at the entrance, and for Liam’s soft trucks. And from Auntie Sarah in NZ, thank you for the Tshirt and the Adam’s old books from childhood. That was a touching surprise.

We bought Liam a few toys also:  a bath toy set (which he is completely ignoring in favour of his favorite bath game:  splashing everything in sight and drenching the entire bathroom), some interlocking blocks, cars, and a wooden stacking ring set that he likes throwing on the floor and hitting with a stick. That boy does like to make noise!!

After video skyping with Granny Simmons and Dick, Grandma and Grandpa Woolley, and Uncle Daniel and his family in the UK, we wound down our First Family Christmas with a wonderful cooked goose, parsnips and potatoes, and more of Adam’s incredible Apple Pie.

It was, indeed, the best Christmas ever.