We’re back from the hospital, and we have to say that Liam was an exceptional little trouper, and he really outdid our expectations for the day.

He was up bright and early at 05:15, and because we weren’t allowed to give him any more formula or breastmilk, he stayed up (and hungry) until it was time to leave for the hospital at 06:30. We arrived at 07:00, where we were shown to Liam’s room, overlooking the sea (which we couldn’t yet see because it was so dark), and we could start to prepare Liam up for pre-op (bath, hospital gown, etc).

At about 07:30 the nurses came in and gave him some kind of magical suppository (I’m guessing kind of like a baby valium) to chill him out a bit before he was wheeled off to surgery. Well, that worked a charm, and the little man seemed pretty stoned for the next half hour! Mum accompanied him down to the surgical floor, and sent him through the doors into surgery with a kiss and tears. He looked so small and confused. And drugged up.

Surgery went well, and we met with Doc Valla while Liam was sleeping off the anesthesia in recovery. He says that Liam’s testicle is in the right place now, however, it still has an anomoly : the epididymis, which should run all along the testes is only making contact at the top and bottom, which will significantly impact Liam’s fertility in that testicle when he is older. Nothing can be done about it. But there is no indication that the other testes is anything other than normal, so Liam shouldn’t have any real problems having a family of his own one day.

When Liam was awake and stable, Deb went down to surgery to help bring him up. That didn’t go quite so well, as he was very disoriented and scared, and Deb wasn’t able to take him in her arms until he was in the room. ┬áBut after a few cuddles and kisses, and a whole lotta mothers milk, he was calm, comfortable and keen to play with mum and dad the whole rest of the day. With the exception of his IV, which he was doing his best to pull, shake and bite out of his arm. Thankfully it was removed after a half hour or so….

Liam’s been in fine spirits since then, has a healthy appetite, and has very much enjoyed the full on attention he’s had today. I’m sure the surgery is a distant memory already. Follow up appointment is next Tuesday, to make sure the scar is healing up nicely. No stitches were required.

Mum and dad, on the other hand, are exhausted.