Happy new year to you all!

It’s been reasonably quiet at the Ferguson household. New Year’s Eve was a quiet one… we took Liam to meet up with Kristy and Alessandro for an early apero, and then headed home for a Raclette dinner and waited for the midnight fireworks… then toddled off to bed. Wow. 2010 was the best year ever. I can only hope 2011 is more of the same!

Liam has has recovered nicely from his surgery, but has developed a bit of a headcold the last few days, and has cut another new tooth (grand total of 7 and counting). So he was a bit of a nightmare this past weekend, but seems to be past the worst of it and on the mend.

And Liam has made a new friend…. another Canadian has arrived at the cote d’azur, and we’ve gotten together a couple of times so that Liam could have a playdate with his new little friend… the lovely Ava (8 months). Pity they’ll only be around for 2 months before heading back to Canada, because Ava and her parents Amy and Eric will be missed!

The biggest news (for us, anyway), is that Liam FINALLY cottoned on to the fact that he can actually sit up on his own once he’s been put to bed. He’s been blissfully unaware of it for months, and always seemed to assume that once we put him down on his back, he’s stuck that way. But when he woke up from his nap today he magically figured out he could easily sit up and move about without crying for us. Which means that we can’t put him down to sleep in the big bed anymore or he’ll just get up and fall off. Which also means we finally have to bite the bullet and sleep train him to fall asleep in his cot.

Tonight was day 1. A good hour of screaming and tears…. but eventually he gave up and fell asleep. Let’s hope he sleeps through the night (but I’m doubting it). And let’s hoping that tomorrow night is a wee bit easier. It’s a battle of wills now!!!

And finally, thanks to Grandad Ferguson for his Xmas prezzie for Liam that arrived a couple of days ago — shorts and a t-shirt. The sun actually came out on the weekend, so Liam could wear his new t shirt around the house.  Cute pics below!!