I tell you, the little man is changing every day.

Now that he’s mastered ‘Mumma’ and ‘Dadda’ (when he feels like it), he’s starting to try to verbalize all the time. Mostly he seems to be saying ‘I Want That’ as he points to whatever taboo item has caught his eye, but it comes out as ‘Ot-Ot’.  I just can’t resist ‘Ot-Ot’ accompanied by a cute pointing finger!!!

Liam is pulling himself up on everything… and his legs are getting stronger every day. He has started to attempt to walk while holding on to the side of the sofa or his cot, and of course he’s motoring around like a fiend with his little crablike lopsided crawl.  And so… little dude has his first proper shoes now. Yeah, he doesn’t like them. He’s been barefoot for the last year… who would want to wear shoes after that??!

He’s in great spirits, and has been successfully trained to go to bed in his own cot (well, for most of the night anyway). And wonder of wonders… he’s actually slept through the night until 8 or 9 am for the past two nights!! Maybe a full nights’ sleep for mum and dad is around the corner!!!

He’s had his first experience with a baby playgroup last week. He wasn’t particularly pushy, nor was he particularly pushed around by other babies and toddlers. All in all, he had a good time (although mum hovered over him every minute!!) We’ll try to get him there more often… to get him used to spoken french, and to learn to socialize with other babies!!

Counting down the days until his 1st birthday!  Ot-Ot!!