Wow…. just over a week until Liam’s first birthday. How the little dude has grown in 12 months!  I’m already missing the baby days, but also looking forward to his development into a full-blown toddler!! We’re so lucky with him. He truly is a happy baby. And the older he gets, the gigglier and cuddlier he gets.

And he may even have started to learn the word ‘No’ because surprisingly he actually stopped what he was about to do, in response to my sharp ‘No’ (said in the ‘I’m not kidding around’ mummy voice).

His sleep pattern still sucks. We made tremendous headway over the holidays, but the little dude was sick with a tummy bug for about a week recently, and all the sleep training went out the window until his appetite (and bowels) got back to normal. He’s waking up super early now… sometimes we can get him back to sleep by letting him sprawl across mummy’s chest, resting his head on her shoulder. Or sometimes we have to get up at 5’oclock in the morning because dude wants to play. Let me rephrase that:  mummy gets up at 5 am because dude wants to play. Daddy can sleep through anything. We’ve explained the whole ‘sun up’ thing to him, but dude wants what he wants.

He’s been back to baby playgroup, and is getting used to being around other babies. I’m pretty dedicated to trying to see them as regularly as possible, because it’s so good for him. I am hoping to get him swimming sometime in the next week. I hope he likes it!!

What else is new? Well, Liam loves pillows. In fact, we’ve had to give him a pillow for sleeping in his cot, and when he’s on the sofa or in the big bed, he just loves throwing himself onto them and rolling around. *sigh*

He’s also decided that he prefers to sleep on his stomach. I’d prefer that he doesn’t because it’s safer for him to sleep on his back… but again, dude wants what he wants. And since he can roll himself over on his own, there’s not much I can do about it.