We’re happy to say that Liam finally received his Canadian Citizenship yesterday… so he is an official wee kiwicanuck! We’ll apply for his Canadian Passport next, and then he’s all sorted!

In other news…. As you’ve seen from the last post, the dude is learning to walk. He’s been known to stand on his own for a few seconds at a time… and no doubt he’ll be running about here like a madman in no time.

We took Liam out for a birthday apero on Wednesday night to celebrate Kristy’s 34th birthday. It was nice to see the gang again, and Liam was certainly happy to try to reach anything and everything that was on the table, including dad’s beer, and mum’s wine!!

We had a rough night with Liam on Thursday night, because for whatever reason, just past midnight, he decided that he didn’t want to sleep anymore and he just wanted to PLAY. And so he did. Until almost 5 in the morning when he finally started rubbing his eyes and get sleepy. Mum had been rubbing her eyes LONG before that. At least he was in great spirits, and didn’t seem to mind that it was dark outside, and mum refused to put the lights on (why encourage him to stay awake???) I doubt our downstairs neighbor was very happy with the screaming speed-laps he was doing around the living room at 4 in the morning though. Crazy little dude.

Thankfully he slept through the night last night no problems. We needed it.

Mum got the new iPhone 4 so that she can follow Liam around with the camera in the phone instead of carrying the laptop computer all over the house when Grandma and Grandpa want to see the dude on Skype video. And dad got the iPhone 3G, so he’s app crazy at the moment!

Mum’s been diagnosed with tendonitis in both elbows, which the doc says is from lifting the baby… it’s sometimes referred to as ‘new mothers elbow’ … so hopefully it’ll be on the mend soon with the anti-inflammatory drugs and ibuprofin patches. Cross fingers, cuz otherwise dad will have to do all the lifting!!!

Liam received a couple of belated birthday gifts after our last post… Thanks to Uncle Daniel and Aunt Elaine and Scarlett and Isobel for the Shark Sleep Sack, and thanks to Aunt Aline and Hannah and Gabrielle for the Playskool Train.

That’s all for now! We’ve got Amy, Eric and little Ava coming over for BBQ tomorrow, before they head off on their European adventure, and weather permitting, Liam will soon see his first Carnival parade!!