Our clocks finally moved ahead this weekend, and it really is spring in the south of France (bar today’s horridly rainy Sunday weather). Liam has been taking his lunch on the terrace almost every day, and gets plenty of fresh air in his own little terrace garden. We’re thankful to have that space for him, since we’re doing our best to get work done while we take care of him.

Liam has finally been sleeping through the night for the past week…. thanks to two more little teeth poking through his gums on the right side (top and bottom). But the drooling started anew yesterday, so I’m sure more teething pain is on it’s way as the teeth on the left side catch up.

Other than that, not much new. His walking is getting better every day. And he’s discovered he can reach the light switch beside the big bed, and he happily entertains himself by turning the light on and off, raiding mummy’s closet, and taking the dirty laundry out of the hamper and tossing it about the floor.

We’ve been teaching Liam to ‘kick’ his little FC Barcelona football, and he LOVES IT. Daddy says we’ve got a little Lionel Messi in the house….

All in all, he’s an extremely happy and curious little boy. As it should be.