We’d optimistically planned a lovely outing to one of the larger toddler parks for today… the weather is around 20 degrees, sunny and lovely!

But we hadn’t anticipated that Liam would be awake from 1 am until 6 am last night (as, unfortunately, was mummy), so our plans went a bit pear-shaped. Dude is teething again.

But we did manage an ‘end-of-the-afternoon’ outing to a local playpark so Liam could be around other children, and then to a quieter park so he could explore without getting underfoot. That park has a lovely fountain in the middle, which Liam found pretty much straight away. We couldn’t tear him away from it… and he wasn’t dry for long.

It was a short outing, but joyful, and in the end we had a happy little soggy boy, and a new favourite park. Next time we’ll bring a full change of clothes with us.