It’s been a busy few weeks, workwise, so we’ve not had a lot of time to update Liam’s site.

The weather has been fine, Liam’s been out testing his legs a few times, most recently we took him into Monaco for a playdate with mum’s boss’s little girl, Natalia, who is 3. They played at the beach, and then we went back to Natalia’s boat (called ‘Natalia’) for a coffee before heading home. What a lovely afternoon.

Last weekend mum took Liam up to the olive groves at Cimiez park and he wandered around trying to swipe other kids’s footballs, and ate ice cream at the Matisse museum. Dad took Liam out to the old town for coffee with Bridget.

Liam was sick with a fever earlier this week, but 24 hours of TLC and he was on the mend, although a bit clingy. But hey, a few extra cuddles isn’t a bad thing.