A gorgeous day, the best yet this season!

Liam has been a bit unwell again this week. No fever although his temperature has been slightly elevated on and off, he’s broken out with a rash all over and his appetite is meager, which isn’t like him at all. Hopefully it clears up, but if not we’ll be on the phone with his doctor tomorrow.

However, we’ve still been trying to get Liam out for fresh air…. even though it usually ends on a rather stressful note as he ends up in tears (we’ve become ‘those people’ with the toddler screaming in his pushchair). He’s been to a few playparks, and for a couple of rounds on the carousel. The winds have kept us from the beach… which is probably for the best right now until he’s feeling all better.

We also got a surprise box of prezzies from New Zealand!! Liam’s Granny Simmons packed up a box full of Adam’s old cast-iron cars (some of them still in the original packaging), with a note that said she hopes Liam gets as much enjoyment out of them as Adam did. It was a lovely walk down memory lane for Adam, and we’ve put the cars out of reach until is Liam is a bit older and less likely to simply smash them onto the floor. 🙂