Could somebody please stop him from growing so fast!!?? Just today Liam has decided that he can fall asleep by himself, and I’m left to haplessly hover outside his door hoping he’ll call me in for our nighttime cuddles. Considering the light snoring coming from the other side of the door, it’s not happening.

I know I should be thrilled…. I get an extra hour to myself at the end of the day, and it’s the start of a very healthy sleep habit for Liam.

But I can’t help but miss his heavy little body snuggled into mine, his head tucked under my chin, one hand clutching his bunny, and the other one caressing me. We’d snuggle like that for a half hour or so, until he drifts off and can be moved into his cot.

Maybe today’s just a fluke. Maybe he’ll want bedtime cuddles again tomorrow. I’ll cross my fingers that I get a little more cuddle time with my lovely baby boy, before he’s too far grown.

In the meantime… I think I’ll catch up on some work, and watch a dvd!