Poor little dude had a bad night last night… he managed to trip over his own feet and land face first on the terrace, and broke one of his front teeth. Needless to say a whole lot of crying followed…. (90% Liam, 10% mum….) Dad was cool as a cucumber.

Liam seems to be weathering it well enough, and despite a broken night’s sleep, he’s been in good spirits.

We’ve got an appointment with a pediatric dentist next Tuesday, May 17, to make sure that there are no exposed nerves, no cracks, and no other damage that we need to be concerned about. We won’t be able to rest easy until we get him checked out, although the hospital said that there is nothing to worry about. Cross fingers they don’t need to extract his wee little tooth.

And the good news… Liam is cute enough to pull off a wonky-toothed smile for the next 6 years or so, until the rest of the tooth falls out naturally.