Liam’s been doing pretty well since his little tumble last week… his appetite has been down a bit and he’s been a bit snuffly and snorey, but I think that’s more to do with the fact that he’s caught a wee bit of mum’s cold.

We took Liam to see a pediatric dentist this afternoon to take a look at the little broken chomper. The dentist office is at the same pediatric hospital where he was born, and where he had his operation. We’re lucky to live so close to such a renowned children’s hospital.

Anyway, the dentist visit didn’t go terribly smoothly, as it took mum and another nurse to keep Liam still while the dentist tried to take a look in his mouth. There was a lot of tears and screaming… pretty much the same as the night he faceplanted and broke the tooth. They tried to X-Ray his mouth, but quite frankly, he just wasn’t having it, and we had to abandon that idea.

The dentist said that although the tooth is broken, it’s not too close to a nerve. There didn’t seem to be any cracks, but that is hard to verify without the benefit of an XRay. We have to take him back for another examination in 6 weeks, just to make sure all is still okay, and we’re to keep an eye open for any potential infection.

Liam was a trooper, so we took him down to the beach afterward for a little runabout, and a drink. It’s so nice to have a hospital on the beach!!!