We’ve had exceptional weather this week. Clear blue skies, and summertime temperatures (but not uncomfortably hot).

Mum had to make a day trip up the coast last Monday, to look for a holiday house for her boss, and was happy to spend the day in Port Grimaud, a picturesque fishing village similar to Venice where all of the houses are on little islands in the canals.

The Ferguson family was invited over to Bridget’s new apartment in the old town at the start of the weekend, and Liam was happy to have a new place to explore!! Lots of birds to see on the rooftops, and he had a good toddle around the old town streets while we waited for our pizza on the way home.

Now that the summer weather is here, Dad was happy to pull our garden shower out of the cave and set up back up on the terrace… much to Liam’s delight!! He happily played in the c-c-c-c-cold shower, even though he was shivering!! There were a lot of tears when we finally said enough and turned it off!! We also have the pics of Liam playing in the shower in the nude… but we won’t post them (Note to Liam: We may, however, pull them out and show your first girlfriend… and I promise you the water was COLD! 😉

And we’re having a little early celebration of Mum’s birthday (we’ll not discuss the actual age), so we all took a little morning trip to a small town called Biot, renowned for it’s hand-blown glassware, and Liam and Daddy bought mummy a set of wine goblets that she’s wanted for years!! Happy early birthday mummy!!!

We had also planned to have a little early evening apero down at the beach today, however, sir Liam simply would not take his nap (no doubt because he was so EXCITED about his terrace shower), so we had to cancel those plans. We expect he’ll be heading off to bed very, very soon.