Daddy had to go to London for two days, leaving Liam and mummy to have funsies all on our own (while mummy tried to work a bit during naptime).

Most of our funsies revolved around Liam’s new favourite toy: the garden hose. I expect you’ll see less photos up on his blog, because he’ll likely be spending most of the rest of the summer naked, playing on the terrace!!

He loved the garden shower, but even more than that he loved the hose!! He helped mummy scrub the terrace tiles, and he watered all the plants. For a really, really long time. Those plants won’t be thirsty for a LONG time!

Of course, tears and screaming followed once mummy turned off the hose and said enough. Oh well… his tears were quickly dried by a small bowl of ice cream!!

Also, Liam is now able to climb up on the chaise longue… so mummy’s sunbather is now leaned up on it’s side, being used as a make-shift baby gate. Can’t risk him climbing up and falling off… and breaking another tooth.

Daddy will be home in a few hours. We miss him.