It’s mother’s day in France, which as daddy is happy to point out… isn’t a real holiday. Still, no reason not to demand extra hugs and kisses from little Liam!!

We’ve had him out to the playpark after the market run today, and we’ll have some great splashtime on the terrace this afternoon! The weather is divine, and we’re far from the madness of Monaco Grand Prix, so all in all, I think it’s a great mother’s day!!

We’ve also had some great deliveries from the postman this week!!

First the box from Canada finally arrived, with all the baby Gap clothes we ordered for Liam (who is starting to wear size 2 year stuff now!!). Grandma and Grandpa Woolley also managed to fit a paddling pool, a wobbly inflatable ball and a box of Smarties for Liam (and a few chocolate bars for mum and dad too). Obviously Liam is loving the pool!!

Then a package from Nicole in London arrived, with some belated birthday goodies for mummy, and a cute new outfit and a beach cover up for Liam! Auntie Nicole has GREAT fashion taste!!

And finally, the customized climbing stool that mum had been collaborating on with the artist in America arrived. It’s simply gorgeous, and we’re both looking forward AND dreading Liam getting more independent (and reaching things with greater ease).