Well, we’re back from an absolutely fantastic long weekend visiting Daniel, Elaine, Scarlett and Isobel!! We are very grateful for Dan and Elaine putting us up for the weekend (a HUGE thank you, I’m sure it wasn’t an easy feat!!!), but I think we can all agree that the joy that the kids experienced this weekend was worth every second!

Day 1, we were up at the crack of dawn, and off to the catch the airport bus at 7:00. Fairly heavily laden with 1 checked bag, and three hefty carry ons, plus Laim and his stroller. But we made it well in time to navigate check in and security, and board our flight.

Liam was an absolute champ on the flight to London, happily playing with his new cars, his sticker book, and watching a movie on mum’s iPhone (brilliant idea… thanks to daddy). A few yummy snacks and a lollipop to help ease the cabin pressure, and next thing you know we were landing in London!

We grabbed our rental car, and headed out into the countryside where Dan and Elaine live. En route we were just too hungry to wait any longer, so we stopped at a little pub for a bit of English food (All Day Breakfast… yum!!!), and Liam was overjoyed to play with the resident Labrador, who happily snuffled and licked Liam’s face, while Liam shrieked with laughter. It was indeed the best sound ever. Liam’s first doggy experience!

When we arrived at Dan and Elaine’s, where Liam met George – another Dog! He laughed and cackled half-excited/half scared until he got comfortable with him – by the end of the visit he’d be patting George saying ‘Hello Gee’ and kissing him on the nose. We did our best (unsuccessfully) to get Liam to nap while we waited for the girls to finish school. But he was too interested in exploring, and before long Scarlett and Isobel were home from school, and eager to play with their little cousin! Time flew after that…. Scarlett stepped in and became a real ‘big sister’ to Liam (she’s had lots of practice with Izzy), and Liam just adored it! Isobel, temporarily ousted from her position of the baby in the family, was happy to show Liam all of her toys… especially her fantastically humungous rocking horse!!

It was a great first day, while the kids all got reacquainted (not that they really remembered each other), and the Ferguson boys did the same.