A good night’s sleep was had by all! After a fun Ferguson family breakfast, we all headed to the train station for a day out in London!

The weather wasn’t very cooperative, and by the time we reached downtown London, it was raining steadily and not fit to do much of anything. We dashed out and found a very family friendly restaurant down near the Thames, and enjoyed a hearty lunch of Fish ‘n Chips and Bangers & Mash. Liam was a bit restless from the long train ride into the city, so he mostly ran around the restaurant saying ‘hello’ to all of the other diners. And stopped by our table from time to time to snack on mum and dad’s lunch.

As luck would have it, the rain stopped just as we finished eating, and the sun started to peek through the clouds, so we made a beeline for the London Eye (135 metre Ferris wheel, the largest in Europe), something which none of us had done before, and we were sure the kids would enjoy.

And enjoy it they did!! The views were spectacular, and there was plenty of space in the capsules for the kids to run about and enjoy all of the different vantage points, and plenty of time as it took about 40 minutes to complete the tour. Liam loved to see all the boats on the Thames, look through the glass all around, and follow Scarlett and Izzy around.

The weather started to turn foul again once we got off, and the kids were all starting to fade, so we decided to head back to the train station and head home. The clan was great for the train(s) home, and Liam FINALLY fell asleep in the car on the way home from the train station, so we let Dan and Elaine take the girls back while we took a backroads tour of the surrounding countryside (charming!!) until Liam woke up and we headed back.

We all ate together… a great pasta bolognese which I believe is one of the girls’ favourite dishes!! And, well, Liam loves pasta too!