Saturday morning started off great!! Dan and Elaine fixed us a good and proper English Fry up breakfast, with bacon like we just don’t get in France!

And it was the best weather day of the weekend!! Patchy clouds and sun, so the Ferguson’s all headed off to the farm!!

Acres and acres of wide open space, with lots of pens of farm animals for the kids to look at! Honestly, we could have spent sun-up to sundown here, and still not been bored!! Tons of activities, tractor rides, indoor and outdoor play areas, ride on toys, etc. When we arrived we took a stroll around the farm to look at the horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, bunnies and cows…. Liam is a big fan of chickens, and does a pretty good imitation!

After looking at some of the animals, we went to one of the big play parks, where Liam got to drive a tractor (not really), and Scarlett eagerly waited for him to finish so she could push him on the little swings. Well… he LOVED that!! Scarlett had been looking forward to that for days, and Liam was squealing with delight ‘Wheeeeeeee’!

We took a break for lunch, and the kids got to play in the indoor play area, which was also a huge hit! Liam has been learning to climb stairs while staying at Uncle Dan and Auntie Elaine’s and he was brave enough to try climbing the little stairs in the play area, and was very pleased with himself when he reached the top!! Those Ferguson girls are a good influence, and apparently Isobel is the most fearless climber ever!!

After lunch we went into the petting farm area, and Liam hand fed some very, very pushy goats and sheep! He was terribly brave, but he kept closing his little hand around the feed when the animals would tickle, and mum was always anxious he’d get nipped. Oh, mum. So overprotective. *sigh* Judging by the giggles, Liam enjoyed feeding the animals, and wouldn’t stop until the food was all gone.

Liam fell asleep on the ride home again, but this time we managed to get him into the house with out waking him, and he was able to take his first ‘proper’ nap since we left France.

And we enjoyed a big family sit-down dinner, with a roast chicken and all the trimmings. Dan and Elaine certainly fed us very well over the weekend…